"Vladimirsky" RC is in walking distance from the subway

"Vladimirsky" RC is in walking distance from the subway
Traffic on the roads of Kyiv is constantly growing, sometimes a trip in land transport turns into a “fascinating” many hours journey. Therefore, the proximity of the subway is one of the competitive advantages for any residential complex.

"Vladimirsky" is in the review of residential complexes nearly to the metro, from 3m2 website.

"Vladimirsky" RC is located in the center on Antonovicha Street, 109, opposite the Vladimirsky market. Lybedskaya and Olimpiyskaya metro stations can be reached in 15 minutes, the road to the Palace of Ukraine subway will take even less - up to 5 minutes.
The complex is a 24-storey house with 165 apartments, of which 12 floors have already been built.

The exterior of the building is designed in the style of art deco, which will allow it to effectively stand out from the surrounding urban environment. An interesting feature of the complex are non-standard layouts, with semi-circular rooms, spacious dressing rooms, hallways and terraces, as well as the presence of two-level apartments.

For the comfort of residents on the first 3 floors will be accommodated non-residential premises for shops, offices, beauty salons, fitness centers and other institutions of the service sector, underground parking is provided for car owners.

The complex will have a “smart home” system installed, the basic package of which will include access control, a network of intelligent intercoms, energy consumption metering, a fire safety system and other options.

The developer, taking care of preserving the historic district of Kyiv, planned the improvement of the neighboring yard, with the installation of playgrounds, landscape design, wall painting, laying of paths and lighting. Thanks to the developer`s efforts, the residents of the complex and the surrounding houses will get a comfortable recreation area.

The cost per square meter in the residential complex "Vladimirsky" is from 34,210 to 47,400 UAH.