Construction progress as of 05.11.2018

Construction progress as of 05.11.2018
Construction progress as of 05.11.2018

Dear buyers, we would like to present You with the construction dynamics as of 05.11.2018.

Concrete vertical structures of the 24th floor. The horizontal formwork of the floor slab is installed above the 24th floor.
The masonry of the basement, 2nd, 4th, 9-15th floors is conducted.
The installation of the hidden wiring of the power supply networks on typical residential floors in the monolithic structures is underway.
The installation of the internal networks for heating and ventilation, electricity supply, water supply, sewerage, low-current networks and smoke removal, "smart home" system, cement covering, wall plaster, and the finishing of common use areas are held on the 5th floor.

You can see the photo report on the construction in our gallery.
Sincerely, Intergal-Bud