"Smart Home" System

The high level of comfort in the residential complex "Volodymyrsky" is provided by the integrated "smart home" system. 
This is a set of elements that combine all the electrical appliances in the so-called brain centre, so you can manage all the systems in the house as a whole. 
The following basic systems will be installed in the house:
- access control;
- smart intercoms networks;
- street video surveillance;
- well-designed cable system;
- energy consumption monitoring;
- fire safety system. 

The "smart home" system can additionally include*:
- system of individual energy consumption monitoring, control, and management;
- video surveillance system with the recognition of faces, vehicle plate numbers, etc.;
- system of microclimate zone control;
- system for the control over switches, audio and video equipment;
- system for the control of window transoms, curtains/blinds;
- system for the control and monitoring of the local security system at the apartment.
Each of these systems can work with the "office" of the apartment owner and send him/her notifications of all events in the apartment to the mobile device.
* The functionality of the basic system can be extended to these and other additional options for the needs of each apartment owner according to a certain task and for an additional fee.