About the complex


Life is ambitious: on the one hand − not far from business life, on the other − quite near the historical centre of Kyiv. Starting from the fourth floor of the complex there are apartments with terraces, the area of 15 m2. Extra space not only provides unforgettable views of the capital, but can also be decorated as own garden. 

In Volodymyrsky residential complex you are always in the centre of the cultural capital and an integral part of it.

Alone with everyone

Unique location, social environment − everything here contributes to the club-like atmosphere and, at the same time, makes the project a special and secluded place within the metropolis.

Indicators of good tase

Granite facades, elegant central lobby, thoughtful design of public spaces and entrance groups. Volodymyrskyi is distinguished by laconic classic interiors with contemporary motifs in elements and approaches. Your house will always look stylish and attractive, regardless of current trends.

Quality of life

The complex fully meets business class standards. Qualitative materials, modern technologies, the latest engineering solutions − everything is thought out. The house has an integrated smart home system which will always send you a reminder about the necessity to pay utility services and set the desired climate and lighting scenario at your home. Round-the-clock concierge service is the first assistant in delivery of goods, correspondence, orders and meeting your guests.

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