Concierge service

Luxurious and expensive materials in combination with modern technologies and great functionality are used in the decoration of the residential complex "Volodymyrsky ".

The lobby of the complex will be decorated with panels of natural quartzite Fusion Top. The natural stone colour resembles the illusion of the deep ocean. Blue, green, grey, brown, beige, gold – a palette of natural colours is on the surface of the stone. The rare natural quartzite Fusion Top is mined only on the territory of Brazil. The facade of the building will be adorned with natural granite with decorative elements.

The residential complex provides concierge service. The principle of its operation is simple: to fulfil all the wishes of the customers in the shortest possible time. "Universal helpers" will deal with the correspondence of residents, calling a taxi, booking a table in the restaurant, but mainly ensuring the confidential and safe stay for You and Your guests.